Apple Maps hurting Google's Chinese market share
Since the introduction of the iOS 6 upgrade on Apple products, and the subsequent shift to Apple maps, Google has seen it's market share in China reduce by close to 50% in the third quarter.It has now dropped from 2nd place in the previous quarter to sixth largest vendor in the national mobile maps sector, according to Analysys International.The obvious cause is Apple's September upgrade to its iOS operating system, which replaced Google maps with it's own mapping product for China.With popularity already on the decline since 2010, when Google decided to close its search engine at the Chinese domain following disputes with Chinese authorities over censorship issues, this will be a further blow to the global search engine's Chinese presence.With poor speeds and often blocked products, some say due to ongoing issues with Chinese authorities, Google is struggling to provide the service it is renowned for elsewhere internationally.Chinese mobile maps continue to dominate the market with China's AutoNavi coming out on top, whilst also providing the map data for Apple's iOS 6 App.

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