Effective Google AdWord Campaigns
Google AdWords can be a useful and effective method of driving traffic to your website, but how do you prevent the pitfalls of generating low-quality traffic?Conversion rates are often shockingly poor when analysed properly, so are you better off investing in SEO, which generates higher organic listings instead?The fist step is to ensure you understand the 'Match Types' options available. With Google Adwords there are several available:Exact Match Your advert will only be displayed if the precise keyword you have supplied is search for (with no additional words or phrases before or after it).Phrase Match Your advert will be displayed if your keyword is contained anywhere within the search queryModified Broad Match Your advert will appear even in cases where there are misspellings, plurals and variations (e.g. large, largest, etc) and will also allow for the separation of words (e.g if you've bid on 'web design', you may appear in results for 'web design in Ireland').Broad Match This option will allow Google to show your advert for other terms that it feels are similar (e.g. orthodontist for dentist, solicitor for lawyer, Dublin for Tallaght, etc). This can lead to very dissatisfying responses for the search user, resulting in low-quality traffic.There is also the fact that organic results are instantly more trusted, so you're immediately at a disadvantage due to the fact that you're an obvious paid-for-ad. To top this you're also competing with other paid-for-averts, all offering the same or similar services, meaning that a user could potentially click on each advert to view your site before making a decision on which to contact. This can lead to many clicks but a poor conversion rate from an ad.Three golden rules when setting up a campaign are:1. When deciding on your bid amount, only pay what you feel the clicks are worth to you (based on experience) 2. Be extremely honest and accurate in your ad to ensure high-quality and relevant conversions. 3. Make sure your website is updated regularly, that it makes an excellent first impression and that calls to action are clear.AdWords is only effective when it is constantly monitored, amended and maintained. It is a time commitment that can have hug pay-off if handled correctly. Setting a budget and sticking to it will also prevent you from running up larger bills than anticipated and will also focus you to select keywords and phrases that are truly relevant. You will absolutely see a spike in traffic if your campaign is well planned, thought through and followed through.In short, AdWords is a shrewd move when promoting a new site. After the initial launch period though, you're probably better investing in SEO and Social Media marketing, which will have a more profound influence on traffic in the long-term and is a better way of building community and repeat business.And remember, whilst it is without doubt a very successful method of generating site traffic, this will only continue as long as you pay for the clicks.If you'd like to discuss your Google AdWords campaign with Framework Design, contact us here and we'll happily help you devise a plan.

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