Google Analytics Benchmarking
Recently released data from Google has highlighted some interesting trends in web usage world-wide. Taken from all websites which have opted-in anonymous data sharing with Google Analytics (hundreds of thousands), the metrics are statistically significant. The figures supplied are from comparisons between November 1, 2010 and February 1, 2011.Firstly, compared with a year ago, websites have seen reduced pages / visits (-0.4), average time on site (-0:26) as well as bounce rate (-1.2%).Referral traffic has been hit the hardest in reference to average time on site (--1:48) and bounce rates (-1.1%), but has seen increased pages / visits (+0.1).There has been an increase in all Traffic sources (apart from referral) with Search engines seeing the strongest increase (+1.0%) followed by Direct and Other (both at +0.3%).Windows is still the most popular Operating System but has seen a reduction (-5.1%), while Mac (+0.7%) and Linux (+0.1%) have both seen increases.

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