Selling Sand To The Arabs
Unsurprisingly, Irish retailers have been slow to adopt the internet as an integral part of their sales plans. This may be in response to the fear some of us have had previously about providing credit card information online. Or perhaps it is because our nationwide broadband can be slow. However, with more and more Irish consumers chasing online bargains, and with broadband now more widely available, a sudden surge in online retailing has taken Ireland by storm.We've become accustomed to researching product online and price comparison is commonplace. Now that Irish retailers are jockeying for sales with endless competitors worldwide, we need to provide excellent product, value for money, efficient fulfillment and a varied and regularly changing stock.Unbelievably, some of our largest domestic brands are still not trading online. With newly formed competitors snapping at their heels, this may prove to be damaging to their spreadsheets. We're traditionally a nation who enjoy value and choice and the ease with which you can compare online is informing our purchasing habits. Forcing our customers to spend their hard-earned cash with local and overseas competitors is shortsighted, but easily allayed.When setting up an online store, you're not only making your product available to your local traffic, but to any customer world-wide that has accessed your site and to whom you're willing to deliver. Additionally, the cost of expansion into new and diverse markets is minimal in comparison to traditional expansion expenditure. There is no need to store vast amounts of stock and product can be relatively easily turned over on a regular basis.Finally, good quality product imagery and clear, informative product descriptions can go a long way to ensuring excellent SEO.Now is definitely the time to maximise your sales potential by investing in an eCommerce store. Let us take you through the options and find the right solution for your business model. To arrange a call back or to book a meeting, click here.Some eCommerce sites developed by Framework Design include:[url=][/url] [url=][/url] [url=][/url] [url=][/url]

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