The Brief

Having long established itself as a premier Irish chocolate brand, the Butlers website fell short in portraying the modern international brand it had become. Our main goal was to supply the user with an overall experience on the site that encompassed product purchasing, tour booking, educational content and information on the Butler’s Café’s and stores, both nationally and internationally.

With a focus on increasing online sales, the site focusses first and foremost on this task with the other areas of the business taking a secondary role. The site design also evokes the premium quality of the brand.

The Process

The site is not just a retail site for products, but is also the main booking hub for the hugely successful Butlers Chocolate tours. Needing to appeal to a large cross-section, in Ireland and internationally, it needed to be attractive, easy to use and informative.

The site employs innovations such as a predictive search tool, an interactive, international café locator and a Happiness section that is completely user-focussed. Their loyalty system is linked to both their POS systems and their website. The site has location specific versions for Ireland, UK, Europe, USA and Australia/New Zealand.

The Result

The rich chocolatey tones of the site evoke the premium quality of the brand and the site design overall reflects the modernity of the brand and their state of the art plant, as well as their international focus for product sales and expansion.

The site now competes internationally with other premium chocolate brands through user-focussed product display, ease of navigation, fast check-out processes, integrated loyalty systems, informative and educational content and an attractive and brand-centric design.

Their loyalty programme now completely connected integrated with their website and offline POS system, offering customers a full shopping experience through all outlets. Product searching & checkout is now an easy process, the site appeals to a broad demographic & is suitable for varying purchasing behaviour.

The site is built using the Magento eCommerce management system.

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