The Brief

EUFIC (The European Food Information Council), is a non-profit organisation based in Brussels that stands up for science-based information on food and health through accessible, appealing and actionable information on food and health to inspire and empower people to make better decisions about diet and lifestyle. They provide information based on research evidence which has been endorsed by the wider scientific community. A Scientific Advisory Board of independent experts in food and nutrition
oversee and verify the information provided.

Contributions to fund EUFIC come from food and drinks companies, the European Commission, foundations, umbrella organisations, and from sales of publications. About 2/3 of their funding comes from private sources and 1/3 from public sources.

The Process

EUFIC contacted Framework Design to assist them in the design and development of their new site. Challenges they were facing included providing clear access to thousands of articles in 13 different languages, ensuring site content was detailed enough for the health professionals, the press and industry, whilst also being palatable for the general public, a major target for the website. They also needed a site that made searching for specific content amidst the masses of data easy and user friendly.

We held a series of workshops with the EUFIC team to develop a series of targeted users. From this we began developing site journeys to identify pitfalls and user challenges.

The Result

The resulting fully-responsive website not only incorporates new branding and a stylised illustrative style, but also manages to communicate quite detailed information in an extremely user-friendly format. The powerful search functionality is the backbone of the site and easily finds specific data and the content can be shared, saved to PDF or printed as required. We have also incorporated webinars, video, podcasts, infographics and microsites.

With over 1 million visitor sessions per month, the site is growing it’s market and continuously moving towards becoming a trusted household name for information on food, health and food safety.

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