The Brief

Digicom approached us to help them achieve a high return on investment and a cohesive marketing strategy for their upcoming industry event to be held at the Aviva Stadium.

The venue, speakers and partners were in place, but they needed to ensure that a high-level of interest was generated in the event and also that they received an excellent response rate to the 2 day event, which consisted of stands, industry experts and guest speakers.

The Process

We worked very closely with the Digicom team to devise a plan that would best suit this specific marketing challenge, but could also be adapted for future use.

We identified the specific target markets and formulated a series of marketing strategies that would best reach these potential attendees, yield high visibility and deliver a successful level of potential customers to the event.

The Result

It was decided to develop a series of bespoke marketing notifications that would be emailed directly to the invitees. Over the course of a month prior to the event, all potential targets received a personalised e-invitation to attend the seminar with a choice of three times slots over each of the two days. To incentivise the registration, all those that registered to attend were entered into a draw to win an Apple iPad – a prize that was felt to be both current and hugely appealing to the executives on the guest list.

Several calls to action were included on the mailout which all linked to a specially designed events microsite. As the process continued, the site content was amended to include updated details.

To further incentivise attendance, all those that took part in the two day event received a free tour of the new Aviva Stadium.

A follow-up campaign was also devised to fully maximise on the event and to encourage potential customers to invite a Digicom Sales Executive to visit their organisation for an assessment. The ‘GreenTech’ Audit, designed to help improve a company’s carbon footprint was also launched at the event by Minister John Gormley.

The campaign was a huge success, both for Digicom and their partners, drawing unexpected levels of registration and attendance at the event. The event also received high levels of coverage making it a very successful return on investment. The microsite is also editable, enabling the use of the site for future events.

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