The Brief

Meteor were looking to capitalise on their sponsorship of the Music Awards by establishing an online community and developing appropriate content that would attract the target markets and introduce them to the Meteor brand and range of products through their association with the awards.

The Process

In conjunction with the Meteor team we established the site requirements and the hierarchy of content provision. We also defined who the target markets were and how we should reach them.

We then devised an online strategy that would appeal directly to these markets, ensuring the Meteor brand and product received high-profile visibility, whilst also providing entertaining, useful and sticky content.

The Result

We developed a community and voting platform to include Nominee Profiles, Galleries, Industry News & Gossip, Video Podcasting, Music Streaming, Online Competitions, Polls and daily updates.

Over the four years that we have been developing the site for Meteor, we have worked with their team to develop a site that is interactive, inspiring, fun and inclusive. Alongside the artist voting platforms, biogs and video and audio display of the nominees, we have also striven to develop a community of dedicated fans that return on a daily basis for the period leading up to the awards.

We have also instigated and managed forums, polls, commentary and daily news on the site and have developed competitions including the ‘Most Promising New Artist’ competition, which drew almost as many votes as the main voting platform (70,000+) and drove huge amounts of traffic to the site. The winner received an incredible prize package including a day’s recording at Grouse Lodge Studios, a professional photo shoot, a print run of their CD and an award presented to them on the night. Previously we developed a competition that enabled the winner to work as celebrity correspondent for the Awards night.

From launch date to the day following the award’s night, our community of followers are extraordinarily active on the site. Targeted to an age group that ranges from tweens to the early twenties, the site has broad appeal and encourages continuous interactivity through incentive led promotions, competitions and sticky content.

For the live period (2 months) there are on average over 180,000 visits to the site with over one million page views. The average user visits for over 4 minutes and visitors came from Ireland, the UK, United States, Australia, Canada, China and mainland Europe.

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