The Brief

The main goal was to replicate the success of the stores by becoming a ‘must visit’ destination for friendly, engaging & assisted wine, beer & spirits purchases, whilst ensuring the experiential side of the site, including supporting informative content, social media, blogging, marketing and customer engagement is as successful as the transactional side of the site in order to develop a committed & loyal customer base.

To ensure that searching & checkout is easy, will appeal to a broad demographic & is suitable for varying purchasing behaviour. To give the site a modern, attractive and approachable design that fitted well within the company style guide.

The Process

We worked closely with the O’Briens team to determine the user requirements for the site and identifying the various elements that would enhance the overall user experience.

It was quickly discovered that the site needed to continue offering superior quality products, but also needed to incorporate a marketing edge and community aspect that was missing to date.

The Result

We incorporated various innovative elements that are focussed on the user experience. The integration of educational areas on both the homepage and deeper into the site structure engages successfully with users and ensures a commitment to their brand and increased time spent on site leading to increased conversion to sales. The introduction of the ‘Meet our Winemakers’ section brings valuable information to the customer, aiding them in their purchase choices, whilst the blog provides regular updates on events, product promotions and wine information.

A ‘Quick Buy’ option to the left of the page and available continuously throughout the site enables the user to quickly select a wine option and purchase easily. Other facilities include the predictive search option with visual choices and the useful basket that is available at all times in the header. We have also fully integrated their online and offline loyalty systems.

The site is built using the Magento eCommerce management system.

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