The Brief

The site infrastructure had become slightly dated and it was becoming apparent that today’s browsers were looking for more instant access to the relevant information.

The site had also been growing in content and functionality over the previous 10 years and had become slightly weighed down by superfluous data. The content and sections needed to be edited and fine-tuned to ensure maximum efficiency.

Over the previous few years new technology had been developed allowing for more impressive presentation of the model specifications and an overhaul of the site would allow for these updates to be incorporated.

The Process

We undertook a complete site audit of the Toyota Ireland website, focusing on usability, functionality, interactivity, traffic flow, SEO, CRM and content quality.

We also surveyed over 300 customers, which provided detailed feedback on how to improve the user experience. These results, in conjunction with data retrieved from analysis of site statistics, helped us define the problem areas and necessitated the development of the new site, incorporating all current site requirements.

The Result

The site has now consolidated its position as the most visited Motor Manufacturers website in Ireland ( It has increased levels of engagement, with visitors now spending an average of over 11 minutes whilst browsing. The percentage of customers who use the Toyota Ireland website and go on to buy a Toyota car has increased from 32% to 35% and over 60% of enquires are now received online from the Website / Microsites.

The site has enhanced user experience, via an improved interactive navigation design and access to the models directly from the homepage. The on-site model listings enable the User to interact with the extensive database of over 5,000 new & used cars, offering larger and better quality images as well as more comprehensive information.

Users can read and post customer reviews on all models and generate immediate finance and insurance quotes, offering consumers a one-stop-shop for all their motor needs. We also introduced a ‘MyToyota’ section for existing Toyota customers where they can access exclusive offers and information, as well as set up reminders for their existing car in relation to tax insurance and warranty.

We assisted in developing new successful relationships with and, whereby better quality information of every used car on Toyota is being automatically fed, via XML feeds, on a nightly basis to all sites with unique links back to Therefore a single entry by the 57 Toyota Dealers on their used cars to, automatically gets pushed out to and

As part of the redesign we also developed a sub-site kit for all dealers nationwide. This kit enabled dealers to cost effectively publish and host their own site under the Toyota Ireland umbrella. It ensured consistent quality of content, features, and appearance across all sites. From a branding perspective it ensured a unified professional appearance across all dealers nationwide.

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