The Brief

Well established as an offline company, with many years experience as a bricks and mortar entity, Universal Floral had very little experience with online marketing or sales generation.

They wanted a site that would generate qualified leads, leading to an increased conversion to sales. They also wanted a site that would convey the size/scope of their business, the caliber of their clientele and the quality of their products/services.

The Process

We established early on that the Universal Floral team were an integral part of the companies success. With an impressive list of clients in Ireland and the UK, the site needed to convey the modernity of the company and the of the service/product range that they offer.

It was also important to introduce excellent quality imagery and descriptions that would clearly outline what it is that they do.

The Result

We provided a professional design that instantly establishes them as a company that delivers excellent product from a dedicated and passionate team. Large-scale, high quality photography of their product in-situ and also a gallery of product/service offerings were used as a visual aid.

The site is highly visual, driving brand awareness & consumer interest through product/service detail and description, and also evoking the Universal Floral brand through imagery, layout, colours and tone.

A very definite personality is expressed and related to the target audience. The site design employs a clean, sharp structure and layout with excellent use of top-quality imagery bringing colour to the site. Clear main navigation allows for immediate and intuitive browsing of content via links to the main site categories. Whilst essentially a brochure site, it also offers clear channels to discover further information, and to make contact.

The promotion of their team as experts in their field is successful, and it is this advice and knowledge that most customers buy into. It is now expressed through their client list and galleries that they supply large multinationals and also smaller businesses, providing the same level of support to all.

The site is built using WordPress.

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