Spring Cleaning Your Website
Spruce it up.A user's first impression of your site is usually a visual based one. Before they've looked at your content or services, or browsed your products, they've either engaged with your site design or have been turned off and are already moving on.Your homepage needs to be instantly welcoming, encouraging the user to browse deeper and to commit to your brand. Clear channels to required information should be provided and regularly requested content should be to the fore. Your navigation should be well formatted and should provide instant access to deep-drill areas of the site.It is not always necessary to execute a major overhaul. Simply updating your imagery, tweaking your content or changing colours can vastly improve your overall site appearance and draw users into your site.Ensuring your proposed updates align with your overall business plan and marketing strategy will guarantee successful results. Just apply consistency to all aspects of your message.Regularly checking your analytics can give a clear set of objectives and can highlight areas that warrant updates. You do not want to change something that is already working well.Breathe new life into your site.Dated content that has rarely been amended can sometimes lead users to assume that the site is not progressive, and that it is not being updated regularly. Looking into developments in your field, stripping out incorrect data, removing broken links and stripping out old information, products or service offerings can improve your SEO standing. Auditing your site with a fresh eye and being critical of what's in place will help you determine the impression that users are getting when reading through your online content.Often just rephrasing content (if it is still relevant) will give the impression that a site is constantly updated, but in most areas of business there are constant developments being introduced and you are responsible for passing these on to your customer base. Stay educated and active and commit to sharing this data with your users.Again, checking your analytics will help you determine what sections of the site are achieving high traffic levels - try to discover why these pages are attracting visitors and replicate this across other sections. If a section, service or product is not getting any traffic at all, perhaps it's time this was updated, removed or adjusted to better suit your customers' needs?Clear out the dust & spring forward.With constant updates to browsers, new devices being used to browse sites and regular updates to software, sometimes what used to work perfectly has now begun to cause problems. We're all guilty of putting a regular site health-check on the back burner, but now is the time to make sure it's performing to its maximum capabilities.Most browsers update themselves automatically, but it's worthwhile checking your site on all available options such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari to make sure that it's performing properly.More and more users are now browsing sites on their tablets and mobile devices. Is your site responsive? Does it amend it's layout to ensure a great browsing experience for your users, irrespective of what device they're browsing on? If not it should be. 89% of Irish smartphone users browse devices while watching TV with an increasing number of customers using mobile devices as their soul source for browsing. With the spread of 4G throughout the country this is only going to increase.Finally, how easy is it to use your site? Are there clear calls to actions on all pages? Are there dead ends on pages where user's are not encouraged to browse to additional pages? Is it easy to contact a company representative or book a meeting? How easy is it to purchase a product or service? Browsing your site with the mind-set of a user will flag any problems and help you to determine what needs to be addressed immediately, in the near future or down the line. Development can be staged and monitored to assess success rates.We're always happy to work with our clients to assess any changes that may be necessary on their site. If you would like us to audit your site or meet with you to discuss options, please contact us here.

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