The Latest Digital Design Trends

As with any design, trends come and go, but here are our predicitons for trends that seem to be here to stay.

Responsiveness Rules

Before responsiveness we had desktop designs and supporting mobile device designs. This  was thankfully replaced with responsive technology which now dominates due to its excellent UX capabilities.

CSS media queries offer websites flexibility and allow them to adjust according to the different devices the site is being accessed on.

Google changed its ranking algorithm in April 2016, to prioritize websites which have optimized content and throughout the next year, we’ll see companies hurrying to re-boost their Google ranks.

Design is king

Previously design was was an afterthought. Now it’s importance has been proven, it is an early stage process for any successful project. Whether its UX, functionality or graphic design, they’re all important factors in the success of a project.

Data visualization

Data and analytics are more important than ever and now big brands are offering their users a chance to see the stats for themselves.

Presenting data in visual ways increases user interaction with this information. Particularly useful when it comes to understanding user representation, colorful charts such as the ones you can create using Tableau, are eye-catching and draw user’s attention.

The future is bright

Brighter, bolder colours are everywhere. With page layouts simplifying, colours are being utilised to bring personality to the design.

Go easy on the stock!

Users are getting tired of the same old images appearing on site after site. it’s time to get authentic with your imagery. Or maybe pitch for a more graphic led design? Either way, a more bespoke approach will always set you apart from your competitors.

Images of your team are becoming more popular as users want to put a face to your brand.

Large scale typography

This trend is not going anywhere soon. Typography is getting bigger and bolder.

Seen as an eye-catching design trend, it certainly works on home pages or as page headers, but be careful not to overuse it as it can lose its potency.

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